We are continuing to serve our community in a way that minimizes risk to the health and safety of our staff, volunteers and clients with the COVID-19 pandemic. As the COVID-19 pandemic and its associated economic fallout continue, ensuring no one goes hungry has never been more important. Everyone has different stresses and worries during this time; putting food on the table shouldn’t be one of them. We have heard from many clients that the food support they have received from us has made an incredible impact on their families, budgets, and mental health.


We saw food demand level off during the summer when the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit provided a stable footing for many households. Now as the winter months approach and benefits change, we continue to monitor COVID-19 developments and adjust procedures to better serve our clients while keeping health and safety top of mind. Some processes from the early days of the pandemic have been refined, including increasing food service sizes, relaxing eligibility for subsequent food services, opening more volunteer shifts, and requiring masks and physical distance inside the Food Bank.


Through all of the changes, Tillsonburg has been amazingly generous with their support and commitment to the community, especially through food and monetary donations.

Thank you to the support that our clients receive on Wednesday afternoon with the Mobile Health Outreach team.  The mental health support workers, the nurse practioners and health care workers have greatly assisted with helping the clients mental health in this trying time.  Everyone needs to know that someone is there for them and these ladies were each week.