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Backpack and TeenPak Food Program

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What is the Backpack Food Program

The Helping Hand Foodbank's Backpack food program provide nutritious, non-perishable, easy-to-prepare food to school age children

(ages 4 - 12) to ensure they get enough food on weekends to avoid hunger when they are not at school. This food may help feed other members of the family as well. These bags are distributed at the homes to participating children in plastic or reusable bags on Thursday mornings.

The TeenPak food program provides the same nutritious, non-perishable foods but to those who are between ages of 13 - 18 who are attending school. BUT included in the TeenPak once a month will be personal care items such as deodorant, shampoo, feminine care products and more.


The Backpack food and TeenPak programs are run by volunteers and sustained by donations of community members and private foundations. 

The Backpack and TeenPak programs in Tillsonburg is currently supporting many children and teenagers per week and this wonderful program delivers to the child's home instead of taking the bags to the schools.  

The families of those who are interested in receiving assistance needs to qualify to be a part of this.  Email: for more information.

If you are interested in supporting this program or becoming a volunteer please contact the food bank coordinator.

Financial Sponsorship

Without the generous support and partnership of businesses and community organizations, the Backpack Program and TeenPak Program would be greatly limited in its impact on our community and the children we serve. Any donation is valuable and appreciated, and most contributions are tax receipt able.  

To donate to the Backpack Food and TeenPak Program consider the following:

Sponsor 1 child for 1 weekend of food $2.50

Sponsor 1 child for 1 month of food $10.00

Sponsor 1 child for 6 months of food $60.00

Sponsor 1 child for 1 year of food $120.00

Send your donation via e-transfer:

Please make a note on it of what your donating it for and add your name and address for receipt.

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